Denizli ski resort – Nikfer paragliding

Using the cable car and ski slopes of Denizli ski center, we make paragliding flights from 2400 meters with wonderful views. You can experience this feeling with professional instructors without any training. We have flight plans every weekend.

Tandem (with Instructor)

You do not need to have any knowledge to fly tandem with paraglider, you enjoy the view and the instructor manages the entire process.


The take-off altitude starts from the m3 track at the end point of the nikfer ski resort cable car, at 2400 meters, and ends in front of the cable car station.

Flight Time

The average time in the air with a paraglider is 10 minutes. It may be longer or shorter depending on your desire for aerobatics and wind conditions.

Nikfer Paragliding

Denizli Ski Resort

Nikfer ski center provides service with 2 4-person chair lifts, 1 t-bar and 1 moving walkway. Even if the ski resort operates at full capacity, the cable car queues are not long. It has 3 main runways. The average length of the tracks is between 800 meters and 2900 meters.

The tracks are suitable for beginner and intermediate skiers. There are fun off-piste opportunities for professionals.

It is a spectacular spot not only for skiing or snowboarding but also for paragliding. The pleasure of flying in the snowy landscape over the juniper forest is very different.


Who are we ?

Nikfer paragliding team is part of Ölüdeniz Fly liberty family. Our team, with years of experience in Fethiye – Ölüdeniz, Babadağ, the best paragliding spot in the world, is in Denizli rock center to give you the feeling of flying during the winter months.

Fly liberty: It is our paragliding brand within Dm Travel. He/she has all the necessary sports activity permits. Sportive activities are offered with our Mont blanc travel agency brand. Our Tursab member number is 12594.

Fethiye paragliding school team is a leading brand in paragliding. It includes many valuable athletes. You can view our school page from the link.